Common Mistakes People Make When Getting A Tarot Reading

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Every fortune teller has a different skill set when it comes to giving future predictions; a common mistake people make when getting a tarot reading is not knowing what they want from their reading. When it comes to giving card readings, you can speak to tarot reader, oracle readers, and even playing card readers. Each of these divination users offer different things during their readings, so, know what these variations are will ensure that you get put through to the right fortune teller. However, that’s a story for another day, today, we’re talking strictly about tarot cards.

Preparing Your Questions

Most people have a specific reason for wanting to contact a tarot reader. Whether it’s because they’re single, looking for a new job, or trying to work out what their next move should be in life. No matter what your purpose is for calling, make sure to be precise with the questions you ask and try not to get distracted. Put together a list of questions that you wanted answered, this will help to keep your conversation going in the right direction.

Repeating the Same Questions

When your chosen tarot reader lays out cards to answer your questions, remember, asking the same question but in a different way won’t get you a different answer. Cards can be drawn and laid many times but very rarely do the answers change; that being said, your emotions can influence your destiny, so make sure that your receptive and not combative during your reading. Be nice and relaxed when you call for a reading, if a psychic asks you a question, don’t always assume they are trying to source information from you. More often than not, what they require is a more precise question so they can get to the heart of the matter as soon as possible.

Learn to Speak Up

People tend to think they should let the reader do all the talking during a session. Whilst this is partly true, it’s also the reason people wind up not getting the answered they desired. If during your reading you don’t feel as though you’re getting the results you want, don’ be afraid to ask your reader to be more specific. They won’t take offence to your request, in fact, they’ll do whatever they can to ensure that by the time you hang up, you have the answers you were seeking.

The Meaning of the Cards

Every tarot card has a different meaning and when laid out in a spread, they give the reader an overview of the past, present, and future. The tarot may reveal other areas of your life, especially if the relate to the question you asked. Don’t jump to conclusions about what a particular card may mean, even if at first glance it appears to be a negative. One of the most famous for this is the ‘Death’ card. Whilst it seems gloomy, Death actually represents new beginnings, so it’s not nearly as frightening as you may have thought.