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Long ago, in a time that historians describe as the dark ages, the written word was not inscribed on paper, but on stone. The symbols known as the Runes were devised by tribes who lived in Northern Europe. There were two races that were largely responsible for the development of this sophisticated method of communication – the Vikings who lived in Scandinavia and the Saxons who lived in a country we now call Germany.

The Origin of Runes

The two races used different symbols for commonplace things like water, bread, etc; however, many of the symbols used could also be used as letters of the alphabet. These symbols were painted or engraved on small pebbles that were easy for people to carry. The tribal elders ensured that all members of their community could read the runes. Until recently, it was thought that the ability to read runestones had totally died out. Certainly, such Arcane symbols became associated with witchcraft, and for centuries, witchcraft carried the death penalty across Europe. This would explain why the use of runes went ‘underground’ until the danger of being put to death for owning them had passed.

The ability to use runes to unlock secrets has been handed down throughout the generations. Within the clans that used runestones, their ability to tell the future has become stronger over time. In some tribes, runestones are treasured by the descendants of the original owners.

Finding the Best Runestone Reader

Runestone reading techniques are personal to the psychic in question, much like the ability to read tarot cards. There are many ways to source information about the future, so in order to yield the best results, it’s important that you find a reader that you connect with on a spiritual level. No matter which runestone system you choose to see your future through, you’re bound to feel the power that flows from within the runes. Each symbol has a meaning that can change depending upon how and when the rune is drawn.

Our runestone readers are here to guide you. For cheap and detailed readings about your future, give us a call today. You will be able to experience for yourself how precise this method of divination can be.